Movable bridge at the Zennegat

Movable bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the canal Leuven-Dijle near the Zennegat lock in Mechelen

The towpaths along the rivers Rupel, Dijle, Zenne and the canal Leuven-Dijle are used by cyclists and walkers particularly intensively.  However, the accessibility of the Zennegat for foot and bicycle traffic was not ideal.  That is why Flemish minister of Mobility Hilde Crevits launched the construction of two bridges near the Zennegat lock in 2010: one fixed bridge over the river Zenne and a moveble bridge over the nearby canal Leuven-Dijle where Vameco carried out the hydraulic drive system.

The hydraulic cylinders of the bridge have a stroke length of  12,200 mm!

Zennegat Vameco Diksmuide